Mimakaan is Pakistan’s first and leading website dedicated to commission-free selling, buying and renting of properties. Unlike other property portals we do not allow any property dealers on our website. Neither do we allow any party to charge the other any Finder’s Fee or Commission. The result: You, our users, get to save money. Money which you can then use for your daily expenses or perhaps take that vacation you always wanted.

But that isn’t all. As a property owner, you can rent out that one room in your house that is lying vacant. Using mimkaan you can turn your dead asset into a source of income, since we have a special focus on arranging accommodations for students and professionals. When listing your room simply fill out the details of your ideal tenant, and we’ll help you in your search.

In line with the above you can also find a roommate for your apartment. Simply list your room for free. Your roommate and you can share the cost of living, save money, develop friendships, and be there for each other when needed.

Further, if you are looking for a property to rent or buy, but can’t find your ideal house you can go to our Wanted Section and post your requirements. Property Owners will find you themselves.

One thing: Currently we are not allowing Property sales, however this feature will be introduced later.


People usually find and sell properties through property dealers. But have you ever thought about the role a dealer plays in this search.


They simply act as a hoarder of information about which properties are available. Eventually it is the landlord and buyer or tenant who have to finalise the deal. Thus you are paying property dealers for their access to information. Our aim is to make this information public through the power of technology and the internet. Property portals are not of much help to an ordinary user. The listings are heavily dominated by dealers and developers who buy the prime slots. Individuals are unable to compete against the marketing budgets of businesses and thus their adverts remain hidden. By eliminating dealers, we ensure your property gets fair exposure to the actual customer.


We are currently launching in two cities: Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

Buy hey, don’t worry, we plan to be in other cities soon. Simply sign up for our newsletter/blog and we’ll send you a message when we launch in your region.

Finally shout along with us: It’s mimakaan and my commission.

If your city is not on this map,

It means we are still on our way there!